Bicycle Saddle Bag on Rear

  • Item Number:ACD-Q-DNK832
  • Material: 500D tarpaulin
  • OEM: Size, Color
  • LOGO Printing: Available
  • Certificates:        
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong,China
  • Sample Time: 7 Days
  • MOQ: 300 pcs
  • Supply Ability: 40000 pcs/month
  • E-Mail:
  • WhatsApp / Phone: +86-18924204514


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  1. Waterproof Durability: Made from 500D tarpaulin, these saddlebags are designed to be completely waterproof, protecting contents from rain and splashes, ideal for all-weather commuting or touring.
  2. Reflective Safety Features: The bags include reflective logos and pads, enhancing visibility in low light conditions, which is a crucial safety aspect for cyclists on busy roads or during nighttime rides.
  3. Versatile Storage: Featuring a roll-top design and a sunken zippered key pocket, the bags offer flexible storage options while keeping essentials like keys easily accessible yet secure.
  4. Easy Mounting System: The bags are equipped with adjustable straps and buckles for easy and secure attachment to the rear rack of the bicycle, as shown in the detailed images of the mounting system.

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Additional information

Surface Material

500D tarpaulin


33*14*59 cm

Bag Color

Black or customized


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